Junior Trader

The introductory course in The Hedge series teaching you the skills required of a Junior Trader
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What to know about Junior Trader:

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About The Hedge

What skills will I graduate from this course with?

As a Junior Trader you will have the ability to gain leverage on capital through buying and selling individual options and understanding their payoffs. You'll be able to determine which option to trade using an options chain by evaluating breakevens and relative premiums and you'll have the skills to utilize the SpotGamma key levels to guide the timing of trades.

What is The Hedge?

The Hedge is a collaboration between SpotGamma and Options Insight, developed from the decades of applied experience from Wall Street veterans, Brent Kochuba and Imran Lakha to deliver a 3-course intensive options training series. The Hedge is the flagship education series inside SpotGamma Academy, with the mission to empower traders by leveling the playing field around options education so that all traders and investors can learn to see what the professionals see.

In the Junior Trader course you will learn how to:

  • Analyze call and put options profit profiles
  • Understand the variables that determine an options price
  • Differentiate between intrinsic and time value
  • Read an options chain and compare pricing of different strikes and maturities

Want a sneak peek?

Check out this lesson about the time value of an option, the second lesson in the the Options Value section of the Junior Trader course
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Meet your instructor

Imran Lakha

Imran has first class bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Economics. He had a successful career in investment banking which spanned nearly 2 decades where he ran European options trading desks for top tier global institutions such as BofA Merrill Lynch and Citibank.  

After spending some time on the buy side as a macro portfolio manager, he now runs his training firm Options insight specializing in teaching options trading to the masses. Since founding Options Insight Imran has hosted seminars and bespoke training for universities, investment banks and asset management firms across the UK. He also offers virtual training to retail clients from all over the world and hosts weekly macro trading calls which cover all asset classes from stocks and commodities to currencies and crypto.  

To find out more visit options-insight.com