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March 5 - 8, 2024
Get ready for 4 days of in-depth exploration into volatility, where traders of stocks, options, and futures will learn to track, assess, and trade with precision.

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A 3-part options education series brought to you by SpotGamma and Options Insight

With decades of applied experience from Wall Street veterans Brent Kochuba and Imran Lakha, The Hedge is a 3-part intensive options training course


Here's what's inside The Hedge:


Junior Trader

Junior traders execute simple options trades and understand the basic principals of how option premium behaves
  • Analyze call and put options profit profiles
  • Understand the variables that determine an options price
  • Differentiate between intrinsic and time value
  • Read an options chain and compare pricing of different strikes and maturities

Senior Trader

Senior traders convert ideas into positions and quantify risk-reward of options positions by evaluating the impacts of all the Greeks
  • Evaluate each of the key Greeks and their role in risk management
  • Appreciate the role market-makers have on stock price movement through Delta hedging
  • Differentiate between realized and implied volatility and the Greeks associated with each
  • Apply multi-dimensional scenarios to spot price, time, and volatility to project the path of an options value

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Managers generate original ideas, optimize implementation and manage risk
  • Interpret the shape of the term structure
  • Understand forward implied volatility and how it applies to VIX futures
  • Assess volatility skew, why it exists and how it informs you about tail risk in a certain asset
  • Understand second order Greeks including Vanna and Charm and the impact they have on markets due to dealer positioning
  • Implement new trading strategies including spreads, ratios and butterflies
  • Trade volatility and skew via straddles and collars
  • Identify and trade gamma squeezes before and after the fact

Each course includes:

Expert Teachers 

Our team of expert teachers are all  Wall Street veterans with decades of combined options trading experience

Case Studies

We go beyond the theoretical to show you real-world case studies to illustrate trading strategies

Video & Slides

All courses are a mix of video content plus downloadable slides for reference and convenience

Quizzes & Certification

Complete any of our courses and you will be awarded with an official certification of completion 

Your Instructors

Founder of Options Insight
Founder of SpotGamma
Co-Founder and CEO of SpotGamma

SpotGamma Academy
Speaker Series

A free, ongoing series of long form conversations hosted by SpotGamma Founder, Brent Kochuba. Providing insightful conversations with world-class pros, it's our intention to empower traders navigate the markets.

What people are saying about SpotGamma

You guys taking up this slack in the education side of things was a great idea. Keep up the great work! I used to trade options but with a chart trading mentality, but now with the knowledge of just delta and gamma, my option trades are A+ optimal entry and exits these days.
Peter S.
The Hedge Enrollee
Being an equity index futures trader and personal investor for over 20 years, you have finally pulled back the curtain on the options market, and how it influences the cash prices. You have taken the mystery out of Gamma for me.
Steven B.
SpotGamma Pro Subscriber

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